Assumption of Risk and Waiver

By signing up for the Prescott Trails Challenge, I acknowledge that I understand that riding a bicycle and participating in this event can be dangerous. I understand that regardless of the care taken to eliminate the risks of damage to property or personal injury or death, the risks cannot be eliminated.

I agree to take responsibility for any injury or harm I may suffer which may be caused by the risk of participating in this event in any way. I assume the risk of all these risks dangerous conditions of my own free will and I do so deliberately with full awareness and consciousness. I understand that I am ultimately responsible for my own safety.

By clicking Submit, I agree to hold PMBA, Woodruff Racing LLC and Chloe Woodruff and its and her and her agents harmless from claims of any sort to personal property or personal injury or death which may result from participating in this event in any way, including but not limited to being exposed to any infectious disease or contracting any infectious disease.

This release includes claims based on negligence but does not include claims based on intentional misconduct or gross negligence. I understand that by my agreement I am releasing claims and giving up rights, including my right to sue.